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Non-Prosecution & Diversion Agreements

Pretrial diversion is an alternative to prosecution by diverting certain clients into a program of supervision and services administered by US Probation without being convicted of any offense. Clients can be diverted at the pre-charge stage. Non-prosecution agreements are another way of averting prosecution. They are contracts with the government not to prosecute in exchange for helping police or becoming a government witness.


Bail or
"Pre-trial Release"

Bail or “Pre-trial Release” gets the defendant out and gives him the time to prepare his defense. Bail can be difficult to get in federal court. In some cases, the Bail Reform Act contains a rule in favor of detention. Success means thorough and decisive work by counsel and his team. The lawyer’s duty is to convince US Pretrial Services to support release and to be well prepared for a contested bail hearing before the Magistrate and to quickly appeal an adverse ruling, if any, to the District Court.



The Defense Team. Successful white collar representation requires the work of a team of experienced professionals. Kevin Barron puts former IRS Special Agents and Supervising Postal Inspectors to work deconstructing the government’s investigation of mail and wire fraud, tax and white collar cases. Having senior law enforcement witnesses with specialized background and experience can give the defense valuable advantages over the government.


Civil Matters

Civil Matters. A law practice focused on individual rights includes civil litigation: Decedent’s Estates, Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice, select Divorce & Custody matters, Habeas Corpus, Repatriation and Prisoner Transfer, Second Amendment and Firearms Matters.


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